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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 21:38:15 -0500
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I tried the site listed, and no luck. Anyone have a more direct link to this book?

Thanks, Tim "51 Lenton Tourist" Fricker

On 3/2/06, Phil Sieg <> wrote:
> Received my copy of the Lightweight Cycle Catalogues Vol 1 today. This
> is a compilation of copies of catalogues from British framemakers and
> runs from the '30s to the '50s. All are reproduced in glorious black
> and white and spiral bound. It says Vol 1, so I presume others are to
> follow.
> This first volume covers the "big dogs" - Bates, Carlton, Claud Butler,
> Ephgrave, Gillot, Hetchin's, Hobbs of Barbican, Holdsworth, Raleigh,
> Rotrax and a few others. Each catalogue is preceded by a brief write-up
> of the marque's history. (Interesting factoid I picked up about
> Rotrax. The shop has always been painted red because one of the
> principals' wives was a member of the local Communist Party in the '30s
> and the back of the shop was the meeting room. I knew I liked my Rotrax
> for a reason. Now if I can just find that Che Guevara t-shirt I wore
> back in the '60s...)
> Well worth having if this area is of interest - unless, of course,
> you're lucky enough to own the originals of all these. I obtained mine
> from Bookplace, Ltd ( for £10 plus £5 delivery to
> the States.
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> Phil Sieg
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