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Hello, again, CR mates---

Nic’s posted film frames from the British Railways movie reminded me of typical touring clothing of the day, the Sartor-style jacket, somewhat longish and typically gathered at the waist and having several utility pockets. Just the thing you need when riding in the damp and cold. You can spot the khaki-colored garments throughout the frames of the film. Since folks were talking about the availability of Reynolds traditional English touring shoes, I’m wondering if the Sartor-style jacket might be available somewhere. Of course a good seamstress could make one (my cousin used to make gowns and jackets that her customers had seen in old ‘40s movies, etc.). But I’m wondering if there is a clothing manufacturer out there who still produces this style garment.

Below is a link to a scan from Vol. 72, No. 11, November 1953 CTC Gazette, showing the type of jacket I’m referring to.


The Keen Clubman
Peter Jourdain
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--- Nic Henderson wrote:

> Hi listees
> For those of you who enjoyed (or not) my 'Visit to
> Jack Taylor Cycles'
> (which is actually a description of a documentary
> about the Taylor
> brothers called 'The Bike Brothers') on my
> semi-retired 'BikeBrothers'
> site (,
> I have just given a
> sililar treatment to the 'Cyclists Special' a
> charming information film
> made by British Transport Films. This 1955 film
> follows some cyclists as
> they set off on a special train from Willesden and
> Watford and travel to
> Rugby in the Midlands. I'm sure I've heard this
> documentary mentioned
> before on the list, so my appologies if I am going
> over old ground, no
> pun intended.
> See it here
> Nic Henderson
> Newport
> UK
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