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Hi! I generally use a certified bank draft that most any bank will issue in Euros or Pounds or whatever. There is generally a charge for the check, with an exchange rate that is certainly in their favor, but the convenience is great. (if you are as old as I am, they may waive the charge ) The check is may be cashed at any bank in whatever country.


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I've used Direct Wire Transfer through my bank. Ask your bank manager

exactly what information you will need from the seller. That's how I pay for bikes and other purchases over $100 when PayPal isn't an option.

Aldo Ross Middletown, Ohio

>> i know there are some folks here who do bike business with people in >> france >> regularly. i have mailed cash there previously, and had no trouble. >> however, i am about to send my first substantial amount of money to

>> somebody >> there (for an appropriate on-topic item, of course). i am going to send >> an >> international money order, but have never done that before. i would >> like to >> avoid western union, as i have had problems with them in the past. if >> possible, i'd like for something to work similar to the way a domestic >> money >> order works from the USPS (i.e. i get a certified check and then can >> just >> mail that off, the seller then just can deposit that). i checked on the >> USPS website, and their international money orders are not accepted in >> france. any suggestions are encouraged. >> >> please advise >> thank you >> dan polito >> bloomington, indiana

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