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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 15:47:21 -0800 (PST)
From: "sandranian" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Mario Confente Superlight Bike
To: Kevin Kruger <>,, "" <>
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While I really like the whole "drillium" thing, at what point does it cross the line to absurdity? That bike is definitely pretty, but it is a deathtrap (not to mention the headaches in cleaning it after a damp ride!). No one in their right mind would ride with those bars...actually...correction: Nobody in their right mind would ride BEHIND the masochist who rode that bike.

Drillium to shave weight is neat and looks great, specially when detailed with the paint. But why not just leave the bars off the bike to shave the weight? And the brakes too? For that matter, if you leave the entire bike behind, you really save weight.

Kidding, of course, and I know that that bike was built for show, not for use. Right?!?!

Stephan Andranian Fan of drillium, not "Sillium"

PS: Just received a cool new Gitane catalogue from France (1974), which features on the cover a beautiful Gitane with drilled out Campagnolo Nuovo Record parts!

Kevin Kruger <> wrote: Steven,,,,,what an interesting, and pretty scary light bike!!! Can understand why it appears to be unridden. Drilled brake blocks, now that's a first for me! Wonder who detailed the bike??? Unfortunately they weren't too careful painting in all the panto work. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. Do you think you will ever be brave enough to take it for a ride? Regards, Kevin Kruger - Grantville, PA

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