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My message about this was incomplete and might give the wrong impression.

Maestro Richard Sachs correctly reminds me & I paste below:

"Pins are not the surrogate for fixtures unless you go back to the Drysdale era!!! Builders pin frames in sophisticated fixtures and then braze free. Whether it's tacked, pinned, or both, builders use fixtures, but don't braze IN them. No one builds with 'pins only'."

I would say that some frames more recent than Drysdale have been used with pins only, esp. in England, but they have slowly dissapeared with some sort of jigs or fixtures surfacing as time passed. For instance, Francesco Cuevas was said to eschew the use of jigs for a long time....

It absolutely is true that the use of pins has no connection to VooDoo or acupuncture (that is a joke.)

Dale Brown Greensboro, NC USA

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I recently picked up a Chesini were the pins are visible on the inside. Do some builders leave them in on purpose, as a mark as to how it was built? Or, does leaving no trace of them is the preferred approach by builders? http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/NAHMB-06_Richard-Sachs/Richard_Sachs_30

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