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From: "Peter Koskinen" <peter@prkbikes.com>
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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 22:59:45 -0500
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Subject: [CR]re: how many??

I sent this to the bob list and I will post it here too. All you sittin' on the fence types need to wake up and smell the roses before its too late. Go out and support your local frame builder before he is gone.

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Okay, I'll bite. I've owned four custom bikes. Two were built for other people, and I got them used - so they might not count.

The other two were bikes I purchased new. The Rivendell I ordered in 2000, and it was built by Joe Starck. The Mercian Vincitore was ordered in 2002, and built by Derek Land.

I understand Bruce Gordon's frustration - but Rivendell, Kogswell, et. al., are actually helping create demand for lugged steel bikes. I suspect a lot of cyclists will decide to move up the ladder from the small-scale production lugged frame to the true custom frames.

Russ Fitzgerald Greenwood, SC>

I read Bruce's article and proceeded to go to his website for a phone number. I am going to buy one of is bikes very soon, because when the CLASSIC American builders are gone, They're GONE. Yes I know that I could get a Richard Sachs or a Waterford but they are a dime a dozen. (They are like Audi's, they're every where ). Bruce Gordon builds a classic old school bike and he takes his time. I can live with that. Now for all of you that are thinking: Whats this guy rambling about and I'll bet that he doesn't even own a custom bike..... Put your mind at rest, I have 3 Landsharks that were built specifically for me as well as a Griffin, A Somec , and a Harry Quinn. All made to measure, all a dream to ride. Its time for another...

Peter Reid Koskinen
Chapel Hill, NC, USA