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Of course George Longsaff is no longer with us and I'm not sure who builds the Longstaff frames these days so I can't comment on their quality. George himself was a master engineer and framebuilding was only a part of his business. George not only built solo's but also tandems, trikes and George's speciality, the tandem trike. My best bike is built around a 1998 853 Longstaff frame. From the link scroll down and there are a few more links, one about my Longstaff and another about a visit I made to Longstaff cycles in 2001.

Nic Henderson

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> >From England in my opinion was a KOF Longstaff Custom Cycles. They had
> some great frames including a touring model and prices were in low
> 1000's. Anyone have 1st hand experience with one of their Cycles? Like
> to hear.
> "
> Longstaff Custom Cycles
> Longstaff Cycles started out in 1980 as a one man operation, working
> from a garden building. The quality of the workmanship quickly
> established the company's reputation as the Uk s leading frame builders,
> capable of producing any type of frame, aided by the engineering
> background of company founder George Longstaff. All frames are designed
> and hand built in our own workshops here in Staffordshire, England. We
> build frames for all types of purposes, from bikes frames for
> professional racing, through to expedition tandems that tour the world
> for three years! As audax riding becomes ever more popular, so is the
> demand for audax frames, whether classic level top tube style, compact
> or custom.
> We are the only manufacturer of custom lightweight tricycles and tandem
> trikes. These are built for competition, touring or recreational use,
> and have even played a huge part in assisting disabled riders cycle
> after illness or accident. This has extended to supplying trikes to the
> Canadian, Australian and UK Paralympic riders. In the case of the
> Australian rider, bronze and gold medals were won.
> We are equally well known for custom tandems and will build everything
> from racing to 26" wheel off road touring . Our audax frames have been
> awarded various accolades in the UK, noticeably the 1st 10/10 product
> review in Cycling +, Distance touring Bike of the year 2004, but
> probably what speaks the most is having loyal customers who originally
> had their bikes made by one man in his garage, still with us 25 years
> later. In that 25 years we have only made 2600 frames but they can be
> found across the globe being ridden by true cyclists who appreciate
> individual craftsmanship and a dedication to being the best.
> Albert Street Chesterton
> Newcastle-u-Lyme
> Staffordshire ST5 7JF UK
> 01782 561966 "
> Charles Nighbor
> Walnut Creek, CA