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I have seen tubs cut by the strapping tape too. Trek used that tape for years and when ever a trek came in we check it and quite a few were the tape cutting the tube. Steven Willis The Bike Stand 1778 East Second Street Scotch Plains NJ 07076 908-322-3330

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> Bianca Pratorius wrote:
>> The local bike shop which gives special consideration to classic bikes
>> and bike owners switched me over to strapping tape last week. He said
>> other than being difficult to remove it has only advantages. He claims
>> that strapping tape keeps your eyelets from rusting, because Velox
>> holds moisture and sometimes can be found to be wringing wet after a
>> wet ride or washing. This eventually causes corrosion to form on your
>> nipples. I switched over to one layer of strapping tape.. result for
>> two rims = 9 grams. This is in stark contrast to two rolls of Velox
>> which is 30 grams when dry and much more if moist.
> My experience... late 70s thought Velox was stupid and got the idea to
> use strapping tape instead. Patted myself on the back figuring I was a
> genius and went riding. Few days later got a flat because the sharp
> edge of the spoke holes had cut the filaments in the tape, then tried to
> remove the strapping tape (what a mess, took hours), and then used that
> yellow plastic Michelin tape which split after a year or so and caused a
> flat and then went back to Velox. Good rims have stainless steel
> eyelets, nipples are nickel plated brass. Rust???
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