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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 23:20:07 -0500
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I hate to tell you but it sounds like you had it improperly chromed... It should have only been dipped in the tanks maybe an inch or so above the fork crown race, not involving the area where the stem is inserted. We have reamers in the shop but wouldn't want to use them on a chromed surface. The hones are not much good either on a chromed surface. I would consider trying to file the chrome away but who knows what you will get? Sorry I can't be more encouraging..

Dale Brown Greensboro, NC USA

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I recently had the fork on my Colnago Super rechromed and the inside diameter of the steerer tube is now too small to easily fit the stem. I've heard of various recommendations such as reamers, brake hones and flex hones to cure this problem. Does anyone on the list have experience with and sources for these tools? thanks, Rodney Handsfield, novice reamer and honer in windy Wichita, Kansas.