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No, I think Ray is right. I find a pair of Hebden's baggy 1930's-style whipcord shorts a perfectly adequate (and far less expensive) way to look ridiculous. And they only cause me to veer towards the kerb (curb) when a strong wind blows up the left hand leg of my shorts.

Neil Foddering Weymouth, England

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>I'm sure members of the TA would disagree with that advice!
>Nic Henderson
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>>My advice to anyone thinking of buying a trike is Don't. An old boy in my
>>club kept on falling off his bike so he ordered a Bob Jackson OWD trike.
>>By the time it arrived whatever was causing him to fall off his bike had
>>gotten worse and he was dead. I bought the trike off his widow.
>>It was fun learning to ride and I went on a couple of clubruns after it
>>had snowed but really it was a dead loss.
>>What was the worst feature for me was the way the saddle was always
>>"squirming" between my legs. And with three wheels one was bound to hit
>>each pothole.
>>I think there are easier ways to prove that you are an eccentric, I wear
>>one red and one blue arm warmer but I'm sure there are lots of other ways,
>>drooling over a PX10 for instance.
>>Ray Green Brighton England
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