Re: [CR]seatpost size for PX-10?

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Subject: Re: [CR]seatpost size for PX-10?
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 10:45:45 -0500

They are all over the place in seatpost size. As long as the seatpost manufacturers made them in 0.2 mm increments across the range, why bother? Grab a smaller or larger diameter one out of the bins.

I think that they had one dull and rusty reamer at the Peugeot factory that fell on the floor one day, rolled under a cabinet and laid there next to all of the missing files. Just a hypothesis. Maybe they had a lot of seat tube reamers but none of the same size. That doesn't explain the apparent absence of the files though.

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Subject: [CR]seatpost size for PX-10?

> Were there variations in seatpost sizes for PX-10's? I have had a few, but
> the current one has a 26.0 seatpost size, and most that I recall were eithe
> r
> 26.4 or 26.8.
> Did the sizes correspond to different years of manufacture? I am pretty
> sure that the current one I have, with a 26.0 size, is late sixties.
> Thank you.
> Cheers.
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