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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 13:03:06 -0800 (PST)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Benotto restoration
To: Thomas Adams <>, Brian & Vicki Jackson <>,
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I'm surprised Benotto haven't developed a larger following just from appearing in "A Sunday in Hell" Almost everything else in the film has become a sought-after and sometime reproduced classic - Brookyln, Flandria, Molteni and Sanson jerseys, Merckx, Flandria and Gios frames, etc., etc. Why not Benotto?


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

Thomas Adams <> wrote: Dear Brian:

It's hard to advise unless we know more about this machine. Benotto made a fairly wide range of bikes, so it's possible to have anything from State of the Art Italian Racing thoroughbred to gas pipe grocery getter. Do you know what tubing was used? If the seatpost is 27.2, and/or you can see the reinforcing ribs in the steerer, then the bike is probably high end Columbus tubing, and one of their nicer bikes.

How deeply you should get into a restoration depends on your wallet and affection for the bike. Benotto's lack a really strong fan base, so putting several hundred dollars into a restoration job is probably a money losing proposition for you. But if you'd enjoy having a classic 70's racing machine, there's no bigger name than Benotto. Moser, Basso, DeVlamaemick, many greats rode these champagne beauties.

On the team bikes, parts would have been classic Campy race parts. Nuovo Record before '73, varying degrees of Super Record after that date.

As Jerry Moos said, the video "A Sunday in Hell" is a treasury of shots of classic machines in combat, with Benotto a prominent player. And yes, the headline now is Merckx loses, not DeMayer wins. Love that film. (who else loves the line "Effortless Rotary Action"? I chant it to myself when bucking headwinds. Pa-reeee-- Rouuu baix!!! Dale, how about a special screening at le Cirque?) I believe the team bikes here were NR, except for SR chainrings and (maybe?) SR rear mechs. Low flange hubs, very minimal brazeons.

I've got a mid 70's Benotto kitted out with GPM parts, and it's a very fine riding Italian steed. Anyone with an XXL Sanson jersey?

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ

Brian & Vicki Jackson wrote: I am seeking information on what I believe to be a mid 70s Benotto. The bike has Benotto brakes,cranks and the heart cutout in the BB. It is all original- bars, stem seatpost, wheels, but the F/R derailleurs, downtube shifters and the brake levers have been changed to Shimano 600. The frame is fine other than the paint. My questions are: 1.Does anyone know what were the original parts might have been? 2. Are the parts available? 3. Is this bike worthy of restoration or is it just an old bike? I'm grateful for any info you can offer. Brian

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