[CR]Can I put the coffee refill on my credit card?

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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 22:49:15 +0900
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Subject: [CR]Can I put the coffee refill on my credit card?

Don Wilson's hard worked scenario may create more problems than it solves. I mean the frame builders will be happily taking it to the bank, but what self respecting rich guy will want to pay ten or twenty grand for a KOF frame, then have to go put three or four hundred dollar wheels on it. A ninety dollar headset......it makes one ill even considering it. Has anybody seen any Krispy Kreme place selling their chocolate glazed for a hundred and fifty a pop?

Dennis Young Hotaka, Japan

> Don Wilson said:
> but $10K to $20K for a bike, if custom bikes were marketed
> correctly and
> effectively, wouldn't even make today's wealthy blink.
> This past week was "Bike Week" in Daytona. The event has spilled
> over big
> time into Orlando. And, we're not talking about pedal power
> bikes. These are
> the motorcycle variety. And, Don's right, wealthy people will drop
> a ton of
> money for the right item. I was talking to a guy in the office
> yesterday and he
> told me about a bike that was on the market in Daytona for
> $137,000, with a
> $40,000 paint job. These custom choppers are extraordinary works
> or art
> (whoops, there I go again). I believe prices are creeping up for
> great custom
> bicycles and their paint, but if the crowd that descends on Cirque
> is any
> indication, I doubt we'll see any of them dropping even $20,000 on
> a custom model
> anytime soon, at least not a new one. Some of the old,
> historically significant
> bikes might fetch that though. The number of people chasing the
> product does
> have a BIG thing to do with pricing--I think the economists call
> that demand.
> Take a look at how many people come to Bike Week in Daytona, how
> many attend
> and watch Barrett-Jackson Car Auctions, and how many come to Cirque or
> VeloRendezvous. Do you catch the drift here? Lou Deeter,
> Orlando FL