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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 21:12:58 +0000 (GMT)
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Subject: Re: [CR]how many miles vintage? how many miles mod?
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interesting figures, i had thought about this for some time as DANIEL says ergos and stis are the spoilers of life when you need or wish to revert to a bike with friction shifting.. i suppose my favourite old ride is currently a super vitus steel 70's Peugout, its my beater, winter bike or a similarly aged Adorni, followed by a columbus slx Olmo again late 70's but equipped with ergos, all of these see most of my wintry riding complete with mudguards [fenders] when it drys or is sunny i pull out the slx DeRosa or carbon RBE or titaniO or my new 708 RALEIGH randonneur.. i RECKON 3000 miles on old stuff and 3000 + on current or 90's kit but they are not in my stable unless i like the way they ride, fancy lugs or not..

willie carton in cold dry coleraine .n.ireland and looking for at least 12 degrees for a weekend ride. -

> I consider 2-3,000 mi./yr. to be a good year for me.
> At least I've been
> consistent with that for many years. I only own
> steel bikes. My most
> modern is an '80's Italian Cinelli built Centurion
> that I only recently
> built up w/ modern shifting. I rode it last year on
> Bike Virginia, a
> multi-day tour, only a month or so after the
> conversion to er** 9. I've
> been riding that one because it's a fun bike to ride
> and the shifting can
> spoil. That said, when I was climbing Mt. Vesuvius
> up to the Blue Ridge
> Parkway, an average slope of over 12% for 4 miles, I
> was thinking I'd have
> rather been on my 1978 RS Tourer that I usually
> bring. And then back
> down, 6 miles of switchbacks, would have felt so
> much more of a hoot on
> the Sachs. I still ride all the old bikes, but
> mostly the one. It was
> threatening rain the other day when I went out to
> ride. The Centurion's
> the beater. It's the one that got wet.
> Happy trails,
> Dan Artley in Parkton, Maryland
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> mod?
> Dear All,
> A question that I am sure comes up periodically, and
> one that has certainly has risen again (it's alive!)
> in George's letter, is a definition of terms:
> When we say 'we ride' (as in, our bikes) what number
> does 'ride' constitute?
> I have found that as I ride more (not a racer, not
> fast, but still do ride) that I am relegating my
> somewhat older bikes (bordering between 'on topic'
> and
> KOF mid '80's?Eisentraut, Colnago, Tesch, Sachs)
> less,
> my mod squad (Pegorettis, Litespeed) more...
> It's not a 'better'/'worse' commentary?more of what
> bike is appropriate for what ride. For distance, the
> mods. Pretty much, always.
> Which would beg (well, maybe not beg) the question:
> of
> those of you with modern bicycles & vintage, do you
> choose the vintage over the modern for rides that
> are
> 30+ miles?
> And how many miles a year on vintage vs. modern?
> I am, happily, at about 1000 per year vintage,
> 3-4,000
> per year modern.
> How about all youz guys?
> Just curious.
> Ricky in very much
> Carrboro, NC
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