[CR]Witcomb cycles and Stan Brittain

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Subject: [CR]Witcomb cycles and Stan Brittain

Paul Turner says: No Witcomb. However, limited edition "Stan Brittain" replica bikes will be built for the 2007 T de F as an aniversary model, marking the 50 years since Stan rode a Witcomb in the tour and the visit of the tour to London. I have placed my order for number one. More info is posted on the website.

I am really confused by this. I am fairly sure that in 1957 Big Stan was still an amateur (Aintree Phoenix). I think he won the British Am. champs and the Tour of Sweden. Obviously as an amateur he couldn't ride Le Tour. The next year he did ride as part of the International team and his trade team was Helyett. he finished 69th equal (with Jean Stablinski) Don't know about 1959 but he rode again in 1960, this time his trade team was Viking as I believe it was in 1961. In 1962 the Tour returned to trade teams and Stan was out in the cold. Stanley is still riding his bike aged 74. Older Brits will remember Sgt. Major Brittain on the tele. I believe he was Stan's uncle. Another little known fact about Stan is that in 1956 he won the Raleigh Marathon Trophy in a 100 mile motor-paced race at Herne Hill! Ray Green, Brighton, England

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