Re: [CR]Finding Vintage Cycling Shoes

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From: "Ben Kamenjas" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Finding Vintage Cycling Shoes
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 13:08:47 +1100

On 16/03/2006, Jeff (?) from Moorestown, NJ wrote:
> Does anyone have any advice sourcing Vintage Cycling Shoes for use with
> Clips/Straps?
> I tried E-Bay but the selection, particularly sizes, is limited.
> I really don't want to ride my soon to be completed vintage project
> with
> my Sidi genius shoes and Speedplays...

Perhaps not the real deal, but perhaps better is some pimp sneakers of recent vintage made by Adidas. Modeled and named after the style/shoe that Eddy rode. Classic low key styling with perforated leather and laces. Lean and easy to slip in and out of straps and such. Slight walkable/runnable/joggable/rideable sole and with a cyclist logo on both the sole and tongue.

Now if'n you really serious it wouldn't take much work (and reasonable coin) from any old style shoe maker/cobbler to strip the sole and stitch in a thick leather style sole ala ye olde school cycling shoe and nail in some cleats. Or for serious touring they need only a slight shaving of the current sole and a stiffer sole glued on. Don't get me wrong I love the real thing and have my stash of Detto's and Duegi's and even sold my pimp daddy-yo Rivats (see item # 7222604972) but for 99% of the time I find myself riding in my Adidas E.M. Comp sneakers (also search ebay under adidas EM comp). Easy, get on and off, walk around, yet look the part. They aren't super common on ebay but invariably not too many people are looking which means prices are usually reasonable (like $20 or so) which isn't too bad for new shoes of any type.

That and the fact that chicks think 'em stylish too and being the vain, ego driven creep I am, that always counts for some too. They come in many colours but I like the black or the white ones. Being your style consultant you need some of these for Le Cirque.<blah> Gr-42_W0QQitemZ8780392511<blah> Bape_W0QQitemZ5468329071<blah> UK-9_W0QQitemZ5480734657

The other thing to consider is just finding a good classic and preferably italian shoe maker. Some still around - I know one around 9th st and 2nd ave in Manhattan (memory a bit vague - opposite the church on the cross St). Any of them worth their salt will be able to make you some perfectly sized :: for you :: classic racing shoes our of the best leathers and maybe even wood. Sure it's gonna cost but Id rather pony up now than pay $200+ for sweaty stinky used shoes in the 5 years. For now, the old style shoe maker is still around and has the skill and ability to make them - get 3 pairs throw him some fair coin and be set for life. Yes, some make old style cycling shoes in Europe but Id rather find a guy local to me and turn my mates and others to him (or her) so the craft is appreciated and utilized.


Ben Kamenjas
Sydney, Australia