[CR]Extended Headtube / Riv Lugs

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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 20:47:38 -0600
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Mark Stonich" <mark@bikesmithdesign.com>
Subject: [CR]Extended Headtube / Riv Lugs

To get the bars to a useful height, I always had to buy a too large frame, till the Technomic stem was introduced. To me, the extended head lugs look beautiful.

I think the best thing Grant could do about lugs would be to pay Curt and Kirk Pacenti to TIG or braze up some blanks and carve their interpretations of what a Riv lug set should look like. Then choose one of the sets and send it to Long Shen for duplication. Unaltered!

Grants lugs look like they were designed by a committee, or came from 3 different sets. Hardly hideous, but with awkward transitions and no coherent theme. Don't let me get started on that fork crown. Acceptable on a lesser bike, but not worthy of the craftsmanship lavished on the bikes by Curt and painter Joe Bell.

As for collectability; I have a gut feeling they will be highly sought after. Enzo Ferrari didn't build, or even design most of his cars, but they are the product of one man's philosophy. I can see, years down the road, people trying to collect one from each builder. And telling the uninitiated, "I get asked that a lot. But no, that really is the original fork."

Mark Stonich;
Minneapolis Minnesota