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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 20:44:03 -0700
From: "Doug Van Cleve" <>
To: "Brandon Ives" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Rivendell
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I have a Joe Starck built '99 Rivendell and I really like it. I think what RBW did was take several design features that make sense for a lot of riders but that weren't new or original , combined them and then out marketed anyone I can recall in the last 15-20 years. I am glad I have mine, but they are now over a grand more than I paid and I know a lot more than I did when I got it. I wouldn't have even known to ask for things like decent tire clearance. Now I would know just what to ask for and many awesome builders could do it and probably keep their own personal style as well and I would cut out the middleman. But I am still glad I have my Riv...

Doug Van Cleve Chandler, AZ

On 3/16/06, Brandon Ives <> wrote:
> Since Rivendell's custom frame and fork are $2500 they are at the top
> of the price range of custom frame and forks. You could even get one
> of Curt Goodrich's personally labeled frame and forks for that price,
> or less, and he's the Riv builder. Also Curt's personal back log is at
> least half the wait of what the Rivendell wait is I believe. MIght I
> also add that Curt may be the best builder under-40 working today. I
> could also make a list of a dozen-plus builders that can give you the
> same package as a Riv and save much more than 10% if anyone wishes.
> The only really special thing about the Rivendell frames you can't get
> with other builders is the hype.
> Best,
> Brandon"monkeyman"Ives
> Vancouver, B.C.
> On Thursday, Mar 16, 2006, at 15:51 US/Pacific, wrote:
> > I don't own a Rivendell. I can't say that I've looked at them up
> > close and
> > personal for more than a few seconds. But, from what I've seen, they
> > have
> > several things going for them: 1) Pleasing to the eye--nice paint and
> > decals; 2)
> > Gorgeous headbadge 3) Interesting sizing philosophy with the
> > saddle-bar level;
> > 4) Fender clearance. Now, can I get all of those things with a custom
> > bike
> > from most of the builders? Probably. I don't know of many who have
> > a nice
> > headbadge, but all of the other things can be custom ordered. Can I
> > get those
> > things from a custom builder at a pricepoint that is within 10% of
> > Rivendell?
> > I don't know, but my guess is no. But, should I be in the market for
> > a bike
> > with fenders that met all of the above criteria, I would probably use
> > Rivendell
> > for comparison purposes. I must not have seen one of the hideous lug
> > models.
> > Regarding Rivendells holding their value, I've not owned one, so I
> > have no
> > personal experience, but my perception is that they do well on the
> > auctions.
> > Lou Deeter, Orlando FL
> >
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