Re: [CR]UPDATE: Mystery Model Sekai S/N & photos

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Subject: Re: [CR]UPDATE: Mystery Model Sekai S/N & photos
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 12:23:22 +0000

I would say a Sekai 5000. I remember they had the chromed lugs. Quite possible the 4000 had them also, but I doubt that. My memory is usually quite good on things of interest from the past, even though at 42 my associates have sometimes claimed I have A.D.D.!

I always lusted after the higher end 4000 and 5000 and never saw a 5000 until my 20 year reunion (2002) and saw an nos frame hanging in the back of Champaign Cycle, Champaign, Illinois. Fritz Moericke is the proprieter and the man I used to work for as a shop rat back in 1979-81. (Champaign Cycle sold the complete Sekai line, special ordered 4000 and 5000. Fritz was head mechanic at Paul's Bike Shop and later purchased Champaign Cycle).

Call and ask for Fritz and ask about the Sekai's and also if he still has 2 nos frames hanging in the back rafters. Thay were both still wrapped and one had a portion of chrome lug peeking out. That man is a wealth of knowledge. Tell him Gerry Zanussi sent you.

Tony Zanussi (I go by middle name, not first anymore) Kansas Cuty, MO
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>Subject: Re: [CR]UPDATE: Mystery Model Sekai S/N & photos
>Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 13:33:29 -0800
>With the chrome lugs I'd say a 4000. I don't think the 2500 had any
>Vancouver, B.C.
>On Friday, Mar 17, 2006, at 13:27 US/Pacific, Steve Demchak wrote:
>>Thanks to everyone who has sent me Sekai information. The tubing tag
>>states Champion No. 2. The serial number is M1F17546 or M1-17546. I'm
>>pretty sure that is an F instead of a dash in the serial number. The
>>rear dropouts are Shimano EF, and the only thing I can make out on the
>>fork dropouts is Shimano. Here are some pictures of the lugs:
>> Does anyone have a guess as to the model designation? Those decals
>>seem to have gone missing. Thanks,
>> Steve Demchak, Seattle, WA
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