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Oh yeah...for those that don't assume...hehe. sorry bout that


Walter "absent minded in his youth" Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa

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>I have updated my website with some new stories...some written by
> me...some more stories on their way also in the next few weeks. Another
> written by John Barry from Pa. If anyone ever has any good tales or
> stories...please fire them off. I would be happy to feature them on my
> website. Also, please send links to other sites of interest for fixies
> or other bike related...I need to update that page also and I am looking
> around for new links and checking dead links.
> New ones:
> Snow Daze
> Riding in the wilds of Pa by John
> Going Postal
> More to come.
> Thanks for looking
> Walter Skrzypek
> Falls Creek, Pa
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