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Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 22:29:38 -0600
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Subject: RE: [CR]On Cinelli steel bars...
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Ernst wrote" "Watch out for John, he's a tricky guy. He'll probably tighten the cones on your bike and challenge you to a sprint after conning you into a bike title for title match."

Funny, I had to adjust a guys rear cones on the road today. He knew somthin was wrong and went out like that anyway on his fixed (on topic lugged steel)! Well his was way too tight, but now their juuuuust right. I do not carry around cone wrenches personally, but this guy came prepared. He doesn't sprint, not even for fun (hardly any other reason, is there?). But iffin he did...well......same trick works on the b.b.; and NO ONE ever checks there! Soooooo,...... the moral is:..... please check your equipment and iffin ya finds something wrong... FIX IT before ya go out. And fix it right,...cause I ain't always around!

John T.Pergolizzi Brooklyn, New York Where the "These are a few of my favorite things" meeting was enjoyed by all. Thank you John Coletrain and Michael Lebron

> Greetings CR list members.
> This is my first post, so I will begin with a brief introduction. My name
> is Matthew and I am a 20-something living in Brooklyn, New York. I have
> been riding and collecting vintage lightweights for the past 5 years and
> am happy to have discovered this list, as I have been avidly reading it
> for months and soaking up as much as I can from fellow list members.
> Anyhow, hello to you all and on with the question:
> I have a set of chromed steel Cinelli handlebars stamped "14", which
> identifies the "pista" model, as I understand it.
> I also have a very similar set stamped "18". It is a narrow bar (39cm or
> so) with a bend similar to the "14", although the reach is more shallow
> and the flats on the bottom are much longer.
> My question is, is the "18" an alternate pista bar? a criterium bar? a
> road bar?
> The link below shows the two bars side by side (albeit attached to
> bicycles):
> Thanks for your help in solving this mystery!
> Matthew Bowne
> Brooklyn, New York