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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:06:56 -0800 (PST)
From: "Arthur Link" <>
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Stop the g--- mn whining!!!I was born in 1939, bough a postage stamp house as a starter home,served 3 years in the jungle 1966-69, taught college geology for five years at a pittance. Quit to get into the oil biz in Houston,worked 14 hour days,retired to work 16 hour days at our bed and breakfast, and still love life and people with moxie. Glad you didn't try to cross the Great Plains to settle and build America. You woulda quit 20 miles west of St.Louis!! All of this thread is off topic, so let's get back to bikes!!! Art Link grumpy old bast--d in San Antonio,TX

Donald Gillies <> wrote: Charles,

The original definition of boomers was 1945-1960. I don't know what idiot started claiming it was 1945-1964. Generation X is not a full 20 yearsa in length - by definition its a of a class of people that are economically oppressed by huge numbers of people ahead of them in line for an economic future. If you read Douglas Coupland's book, "Generation X", and live in Vancouver BC (where Coupland wrote the book, and where I lived for 2 years), you will understand better why 1960 is the correct cutoff date. In particular, 1990 brought huge waves of hong kong millionaires to Vancouver which made boomers rich and gen'Xers into paupers.

As someone who finished his graduate training in 1993, I can say without a doubt that after graduation I fit into generation X. Among other things, gen-X'ers got no college subsidies (no Pell grants), go to jail for not paying back student loans, have to eat ramen for 10 years to get a postage stamp house on a floodplain on a flight path at age 35+ (avg. age of first hosue) because the boomers "got all the good houses". That's me.

- Don Gillies
San Diego, CA