[CR]RE: was riv lugs > then larger frames-higher bars > now short top tubes & calling all geriatrics

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From: "Ben Kamenjas" <bici_pimp@mac.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 19:15:34 +1100
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Subject: [CR]RE: was riv lugs > then larger frames-higher bars > now short top tubes & calling all geriatrics

On 21/03/2006 Roman Stankus Atlanta, Ga wrote/mused :

> .... My best fit in my small group of bikes is my 3Rensho with a
> 58cm(c-c) ST and a 56.5cm TT. My ideal would be a 58-58.5cm ST with a
> 55-56
> TT. Still looking all the time.

Thus Spake Bici_Pimp: " Get Thee a Gios, or perchance a Vitus ".

or ... my own leaning is towards a larger size frame with slacker angles. I too like short top tubes like you write about above but often

it means steep angles and lotsa weight on the hands/shoulders + weight

forward. Fun for a fast blast, a little tiring if'n you out on a longer

ride and don't ride that often. That is my experience anyway and Im no

bike expert like Phillipe Starck. Im not even a Grandaddy like most of

the list but I know that there are many bikes that fit but some of those aren't that comfortable.

Speaking of which .... can all you old farts ..... I mean gentleman, on the list (and there must be about 1200 or so) who are of ill health,

in your twilight years and with large collections of really nice bikes

in the 56-58cm frame range contact me. I got a little time for new penpals, some tawdry repartee and the occasional email in the hope that

your gonna have to dump your prized bike collection on somebody when you pushing up daisies. I mean that in the nicest way (of course). I'll

look after 'em real good too. Same goes if any of youse holding 105 series Alfa's, early 911's, and any Merc W111 coupes. Daughters too - not fussy about size, the more the merrier ;) Any spill over goes to Matteo \u2122BrandingÆ so he can plug some cash from ebay and maybe, just

maybe, buy a faXXin' NewKeybOarD &*&%¢\u221e\u2122\u221eß∂∂\u2020∫™\u2022\u2022 ∂∂¯\u03c0\u02c6•\u2020. Then we can all relax.

Thanks Pops !!!!!


Ben Kamenjas Sydney, Oz

p.s. free accomodation, drugs and sexual relations with whoever/whatever you wish in Sunny Bondi Beach, Australia for anybody who buy's that Yellow Cinelli Pista on ebay for my 'bro Matteo. This offer is not transferable and only valid to hot Milf's on the List.