[CR]was: Too much Riv, now Riv. ride vs vinatge bikes

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Subject: [CR]was: Too much Riv, now Riv. ride vs vinatge bikes
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 17:37:35 +0000
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Oh come on folks. Some people may not like the looks of Rivendell lugs for whatever reason, but I have not heard one person deny that the frames are finely crafted. I don't own a Rivendell, but people just rave about the ride, and that is what's Grant's after I believe. Rivendell's are already very sought after, new frames have a 2.5+ year wait and used frames command top dollar. IMHO, Rivendell makes an awesome bike.

Anyone out there own a modern Rivendell and other vintage bikes? Charles? Can some of you give an unbiased (think blindfolded) review of the ride of your Rivendell vs. your Masi, Cinelli, Colnago or De Rosa?

Rod Kronenberg
Fort Collins, CO

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From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos

> Good point. Edsels and AMC Gremlins have gained a certain collectibility due to

\r?\n> being extensively ridiculed for their ugliness. Although I think Rivendells

\r?\n> have much greater virtues than the ugliness some people percieve in them.


\r?\n> Regards,


\r?\n> Jerry Moos

\r?\n> Big Spring, TX


\r?\n> Sergio Servadio wrote:

\r?\n> Michael Wilkinson wrote:


\r?\n> >I think this thread has proved my point that Rivendell will be very

\r?\n> >collectable.

\r?\n> >


\r?\n> Instead, this thread reminded me of two lessons I received, and still

\r?\n> treasure.


\r?\n> My Father used to say that much of the value of antiques is made up by

\r?\n> the discussion and the talking that is done about them.


\r?\n> Somebody in the 'vintage bike business' once said to me:

\r?\n> ' ... I am colleting all possible info on this maker. Mr. [snips] might

\r?\n> be willing to start talking about it in order to build up expectation

\r?\n> and demand for these framesets ... '.


\r?\n> So it goes, too.


\r?\n> Sergio

\r?\n> Pisa