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I live near and ride The Velodrome at Bloomer Park regularly. Last year I put more than 1500 miles on that track using mostly a one year old welded aluminum aero tubing track bike but a number of the miles were on my 1965 Paramount (See # 389 on The Fixed Gear Gallary) The turns at Bloomer are 44 degrees and the streights are 13 degrees. The track is 200 m at the measure line. The transition from the middle of the turns to the apron is abrupt but from the 13 degree streight the transition is quite easy. You can dive off of turn two full out and with any kind of leg strength at all you can be going slow enough coming out of turn four to drop onto the apron and safely leave the track by the back side exit to the infield. The first track I rode on was built just north of Detroit by a gentleman named Fred Cappy if I remember corectly the turns were 67 degrees and I think it was 12 laps to the mile. Ted Ernst may remember it. I don't know all the math to design a velodrome but the angle of the turns has more to do with the turn radius than the length of the track. We have our first work day at Bloomer this Saturday and weather permiting our first ride of the season afterwards. Take your vintage track bike to your local velodrome and exersise it and yourself. Gene Diggs Rochester Hills , MI -----Original Message----- From: Tony & Shellie Welch <> To: Sent: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 21:10:05 -0500 Subject: [CR]Pic of the Day - Delhi (Ontario) board track 1952

Was it ten laps for a kilometer on the Delhi track? There must have been some particular concerns on a track that small. Was there a problem getting stopped? I rode the 200 m track at Detroit recently and had problems with that. The banking was only 50 degrees? I thought tracks that small were at least 55 degrees. The track at Indianapolis in 1937 was one twelfth of a mile with 56.5 degrees on the curves and 32 degrees on the straights! Was it heated? It looks like guys were wearing short sleeves.

Tony Welch Indianapolis, IN USA

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