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Thanks for your fine explanative. Can you inform by when the auction parts being sent in need to arrive by, so us last minute guys can wait to the last minute. For those of us too inept to attend, are bids by proxy somehow allowed, I mean can we arrange a bid through Pergolizzi auctioneers before the event starts? I might want to bid on my own item!


Dennis Young Hotaka, Japan

> Dearest list,
> Plans are quickly progressing for this year's Cirque du Cyclisme
> Charity Auction and it will be THE BEST yet!.
> For the first time The Auction is an official Cirque event!
> Rumors already abound of fantastic bicycles and components that
> will be
> offered up to the highest bidder that night!! The history of the
> auction
> from it's humble beginnings in the Battleground Inn 4th floor hallway
> to raising big bucks for charity is really pretty amazing and it's
> because of youse guys!
> I, John T.Pergolizzi am Auction organizer and chief auctioneer.
> Johnny Baron will act as auctioneer's 1st assistant and chief $
> collector. Harvey Sachs will be taking up the slack as my voice goes
> South. Jamie Swan is auction consultant and official tag writer.
> Yes,
> each item will be tagged and numbered. Boy, we're getting
> professional!
> Through the generous help of Morgan Fletcher, you can post and
> view some of this years booty at our NEW online Auction catalogue
> of the
> hottest , most desirable items at The Wooljersy site! Go here to view
> and, most importantly, to post a photo of the items you will be
> selling
> at The Auction :
> http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/cirque-auction
> Here's da rules:
> -Please limit yourself to 3 photos of a bicycle. Make um good ones!
> -Please only post a maximum of 2 photos for a "rare" part
> -Only one photo for a "usual" part
> -items without reserve, or with reserve can be posted. Please DO NOT
> post $ reserve amounts.
> - a very concise description is recommended.
> These rules are ment to to conserve bandwidth.
> You DO NOT need a password to post. I have editing capacity, so
> iffin ya don't stick to the rules, BIG BROTHER is watching!
> As always, ALL I ask is that you donate at least a small
> percentage of the
> proceeds of your auctioned bits (10 to 20% suggested of the sellers
> end)
> to charity.
> If you can't get to Greensboro, then feel free to send your
> donated greasy old parts to Dale's shop. Mark the box "Charity
> Auction
> Donation" and we will auction the parts off. Logistics make it too
> difficult to do this and send back $, so this service will be
> provided
> to "full donation" situations only. I thank you in advance for your
> understanding in this matter.
> Many, many sellers made FULL donations at the last two auctions
> to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation in 2004 (The Make a Wish
> Foundation thanks you all again for the $1,856.00 donation). and
> Operation Smile ( http://www.operationsmile.org ) in 2005 for the over
> $4,000.00 donation. Since 1982, Operation Smile's volunteers have
> provided free facial reconstructive surgery to tens of thousands of
> children and young adults in 25 developing countries and the United
> States. 90,000 children have been treated. 87% of cash and in-kind
> donations go directly to programs helping
> children.
> I've posted letters in relation to last years Cirque du
> Cyclisme Charity Auction on my wooljersey site. One is the letter
> accompanying the donation of over $4,000.00 and the second is a thank
> you letter from Operation Smile.
> Please take a look:
> http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/John-T-Pergolizzi?page=3
> Double click on the letter to get it real BIG!
> Over $5,800.00 has been raised in total. Wow, what generous folks! I
> thank you all for the pleasure of making this auction happen.
> This years schedule calls for the Charity Auction to take
> place on Friday night June 9,2006 and go till there just ain't nuth'n
> left to sell! . Take a look:
> http://www.classicrendezvous.com/Events/Cirque_06/schedule.htm
> A wonderful buffet dinner is included with a nominal admission
> fee of only 20 bucks ($30.00 after 5/30/06)! Our Dinner/Auction event
> will be located at a new deluxe venue decorated for our enjoyment, a
> preview & inspection of the auction goods will give buyers a much
> better
> look at stuff and there will be a party of sorts with all kinds of
> hilarity prior to the auction itself. A 50/50 auction will give some
> lucky ace a few extra bucks to spend and help raise more $ for charity
> AND get this: the world premier of the new Jeff Groman film "Six Day
> Bicycle Race" will be shown before the dinner. Wow, I'm tired already!
> And other possible fun stuff will include:
> -Pin the tail on the Masi game
> -Musical saddles
> -blow up the inner tubes (until they burst)
> -"The Unknown Prize"-- you bid on a box that has a very good item;
> but
> only the auctioneer knows its identity!
> So please prepare youse selves for a great time! Look through
> those boxes and bins for all your old junk, unused frames, too BIG
> bicycles and other
> bits that you would like to pass on to the next user and know that a
> very
> good cause will benefit from your generosity.
> Don't hesitate; sign up now!
> JohnT.Pergolizzi
> Brooklyn, New York