Re: [CR]psssst .... Malvern Star 5 Star anyone ?????

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Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 20:16:40 -0500
From: "Edward Albert" <>
To: <>, <>
Subject: Re: [CR]psssst .... Malvern Star 5 Star anyone ?????

Coincidently IJust uploaded a pic of a of a restored 1945 5 star to wool jersey. Its at for anyone interested. Regards All Edward Albert Chappaqua, NY

>>> Ben Kamenjas <> 03/31/06 8:20 PM >>> Hey friends and bike fiends,

Taking impulse from the Italian bike triads (mssrs. Brandi, Maasland &

Agree) Greg Softley and myself have seen a small niche evolving whereby

you yanks seem to be hungry for our Aussie made Malvern Star 5 Stars and other assorted hard to find bikes that hail from our former penal

colony. We have teemed together (ed. steady now) and are set up to cater for your demand. It's taken a little while in funding, what with

Pimpissimo\u2122® having to sell about 7.5 million decals and I having just sold off the manufacturing rights, die's and tools for remaking Gaslo bar plugs, World logo hoods with Gay Pride stripes (aka Ken Denny spec.) and original issue 43 tooth 151bcd chainrings .... then there's

the more than 2 dozen place markers I had arbitraged for e-Richie frames with only a 2 week wait time. This is e-Richie the little known

ecstacy dealer from Amsterdam who likes to dabble in ferrous metals and

brazing. Funnily enough the Connect-ey-cut e-Richie® also wears a Pirate earing and first edition Jordans too (?) ... but anyway, we been

pimping big .... all the time and large too, just so we could help our

fellow american friends out so each of you have a chance to ride a classic Australian made lightweight bicycle.

So, the first delivery is due to land on your shores in the next week or so. But we need the money now ..... $500usd each and only $9.95 for

each additional bike (strict limit of 50 per customer).

Please remit payment via Western Union to

Bikes for Seppo's Slush Fund c/o Tread Softley & Ben "Laden with Bikes" Nihilist Foundation 66 Sunset Parade, Penthouse Suite Montego Bay, Jamaica

brought to you by our new Free Trade Agreement with inspiration from the Nigerian Society for e-marketing


Ben Kamen(jas)
Ramsey St, Summer Bay