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There is a lot to this case but information is scarce. Klein had a patent relating to oversize aluminium tubed frames. Klein sued Cannondale. Klein's patent was ruled invalid. Supposedly, at least Bill Shook and Roger Durham testified as to prior large tube bikes they had built. Plus the MIT class. Let alone every other builder that had used a big thin tube and could have provided prior art. Granby, Bates etc. The patent was apparently held to be invalid.

If anyone can point me toward the patent number or a citation to the case(s) I can provide more details.

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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From: Donald Gillies
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Subject: Re: Aluminum fatigue, was Re: [CR]More on Alan frames

> Indeed, the idea of oversized aluminum tubes originated in an MIT IAP

\r?\n> (January Break) class offered by one of the professors of mechanical

\r?\n> engineering who was trying to get the idea across that you could

\r?\n> increase the strength of aluminum tubes by making them oversized.


\r?\n> Gary Klein was a student in this one-time class. He was THE ONLY

\r?\n> student who took it to heart and decided to try to found a business

\r?\n> based upon the idea.


\r?\n> I saw one of these frames in 1981 in the mechE department. It was

\r?\n> being used as a paperweight. I immediately asked if it was a Klein

\r?\n> frame and I was told "no" and I was told the whole story. There were

\r?\n> about 20 frmaes made - no forks - in about 1974. I've read the

\r?\n> biography of Klein and it strives to obscures the history of the

\r?\n> fat-tubed aluminum bike. Klein was the guy who commercialized it -

\r?\n> not the inventor.


\r?\n> In our capitalist system, all spoils go to the one who commercializes

\r?\n> something. The originator 9 times out of 10 gets nothing. I have

\r?\n> watched friends get rich on software that I wrote.


\r?\n> And, many professor jobs don't pay enough to live in the cities where

\r?\n> the jobs exist, and there's an unspoken rule that to make ends meet

\r?\n> many professors HAVE TO run a company based on ideas funded by

\r?\n> research grants from the government. This is how modern universities

\r?\n> get a second faculty subsidy from the government, which allows them to

\r?\n> hire the thousands of administrative paper-pushers needed for the

\r?\n> heavy lifting of administering a university *snicker* ...


\r?\n> - Don