[CR]Jack Taylor seat bolts

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From: RDF1249@aol.com
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 19:59:48 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Jack Taylor seat bolts

The last 20 years or so of Jack Taylors used a unique seatpost clamp bolt. After they quit using the 1/4" Whitworth nut and bolt, they used a socket head screw that screws into a threaded clamp on the frame with a unique british thread called BSF 5/16" x 22. Your local hardware store only has 5/16" x 20 or 24. I needed one so I went looking for them and found some. If you need one for your Jack Taylor or other British bike, I have them in Stainless for $12.00 each or black oxide for $2.00 each. They take a 7/32" allen wrench by the way. The stainless are the exact length of 3/4" but the black ones are 1" long, easily cut.

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