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Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 13:14:14 -0700 (PDT)
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KoA (to use it correctly) stands for Kampground of America (that's the trademark spelling), a national chain of campgrounds and I believe the largest chain. Like chain motels, restaurants, et. al., the product may not be exceptional, but you know the minimum standards before you set foot in the gate, and can decide accordingly whether or not that's up to your standards.

Personally, I've used them heavily on long distance motorcycle trips, for the above reason. When you're down to 45 minutes or less of daylight to unload the bike and get the tent set up, it's not a good time to start worrying about whether the campsite is clean enough.

And believe me, strange little boys playing banjo's on the front porch are NOT welcome at a KoA.

George R. "Syke" Paczolt
Montpelier, VA

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> Ummm,
> I have only just conceptualized KOF, now I see KOA
> and the word camping
> in the title .... and Im (sorry to say) kinda like
> Deliverance scared
> !? I know us Aussie's are a little common compared
> to the rest of you
> sophisto's in the northern hemisphere but what pray
> tell is a KOA? I
> dunno ... sounds Greek to me.
> Then again, what do I know; Im drinking Maker's,
> listening to John Lee
> Hooker and checking out a very on topic 3 Star frame
> I bought for $30
> bucks, even though I swore never to buy one of them
> Malvern things
> ... but $30, so I had to.
> ciao,
> Ben "KO mucho A" Kamenjas
> Sydney, Oz

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