re: [CR]1959 Legnano Olimipiade modified chainwheel

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Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 11:06:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Ross <>
Subject: re: [CR]1959 Legnano Olimipiade modified chainwheel
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Hello Rita,

I suspect that the cranks on your Legnano date no earlier than late 1961, since they do not have the raised lip around the pedal hole that was a feature of the original Campagnolo cranks. Based on previous CR list discussions, it seems the change to the next version (without the raised lip) took place around late '61 or '62.

I don't know about the chainring modification, but it is more evidence (as if we needed it) that previous generations of riders were just as concerned about weight reduction as modern day folks.

If you can determine that the bike has a racing provenance, it's an example of one that I would not refinish, but instead clean up, adjust and preserve. It would still be very rideable. On the other hand, if I were to restore it I would seek to put it back in as-sold condition, probably without the chainring mods.

Dave Ross Portola Valley, CA USA

Dear list members,

I recently bought a Roma Olimpiade which I believe is equipped with a first-year Campagnolo Gruppo Record (Catalog 14). It has 4 sprockets on the freewheel and 50-47 chainrings on the crankset, so I tend to date the bike 1958-1959 (not earlier because of the first appearance of the gruppo, not later because of the sprocket-chainwheel configuration). Now I noticed that the crankset on my bike looks different from the one in the catalog, and after closer inspection it appears that the inner ring of the 50 chainring has been cut away (the part that connects the bolts so to say). My question is, was this common practice among (professional) riders at that time? May this be an indication that this bike was used by a professional? And what is your opinion on replacement (or not) of this modified chainwheel in the frame of a general bike restoration project? The bike and its details can be seen on this link: Any further comments on possible date are highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your input

Rita Van Dingenen
Besozzo (VA), Italy