Re: [CR]Stronglight 93 Alloy Crank - Fixing Bolt and Extractor ?

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Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 13:31:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Stronglight 93 Alloy Crank - Fixing Bolt and Extractor ?
To: r cielec <>,
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Original Stronglight crank fixing bolts were 16mm, although they sometimes get replaced with 15mm or 14mm. For the 16mm you need a relatively thin-walled socket. Zeus made a 16mm "peanut butter" wrench, since Zeus bolts were also 16mm. Park also made one, but I think the Park 16mm was discontinued several years ago. They also made a 14/15/16 combo wrench.

Stronglight cranks until circa 1983 used the old Stronglight extractor thread 23.15mm. Campy (and Nervar) were 22mm. TA was 23.0mm, close to Stronglight, but not identical. A Campy extractor will not engage a Stronglight 93 crank. A TA, or the TA end of the old Park reversible extractor, will engage, and sometimes will pull a Stronglight crank, but sometimes this combo results in a stripped crank.

You need an original Stronglight extractor, or a more recent Stein or VAR model for the old Stronglight thread. The original Stronglights came in a set with a thin-walled 16mm socket that one first used to remove the crank bolts, then to turn the head of the extractor.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

r cielec <> wrote: Ahoy!

Re: Stronglight alloy 3-piece crank. Mod 93 ? (1974 Raleigh Super Course Mk II; ref. Bulgier; Retro-Raleighs; CR Stronglight page see 93)

Please accept my apology for the pedestrian questions. Tool box isn't well-stocked for trial and error so, there is need to know before searching.

Is the crank fixing bolt 16mm? Is a standard 6-point socket thin enough to fit or must a bona fide "crank wrench" be used? Extractor - Will a Campag or Nervar extractor work? Do I need a special for Stronglight? Of course, I won't know until the fixing bolt is removed. Always the last to know.


Richard Cielec Chicago, Illinois

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