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Amen! Cache if a funny thing. In the US it depended on what the dealers were able to score as far as frames go and in each area (region) and how much salesmanship was generated by the loyal following in a given area. Paramounts were great bikes more often than not and early on Campy ruled the roost. There are definite style preferences that the builders put into the frames like the Hetchins stays (never could get used to the look), or the long sweep of the front fork from the 50s and 60s (terrible for fast descents but wonderful on the cobbles)...If you like your bike(s) and the components then that is all you need to know...everything else is snobbery. The nice part being part of this group is that there is such diversity in opinion that we seem to get all sides...albiet some of us get carried away at times. One of the things that seperates Cinelli and Masi is that they never seemed to get caught up in the mania of building lots of bikes and recruiting mediocre builders to push more bikes out into the market place during each of the boom cycles. So there aren't periods of shoddy workmanship. Paramount and Peugot seem to have suffered periodic bouts of insanity so you have to watch what you buy. Welcome to the list. This will be fun!

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> Hello to all,
> I have been following the comments on the PX-10. I remember when they came
> out it was the bicycle equivalent of the Suzuki X 6 a couple years earlier.
> The fast guys had em. The Vintage Peugeot PX 10 on E bay looks much better than
> what I remember them looking like though. I had wanted a PX-10E in the
> early 70's I ended up with a Schwinn Paramount in black, as the bike shop in my
> home town didn't carry Peugeot or any other foreign stuff. The Schwinn was a
> very pretty bike though and I rode it for over 10 years. Recently I found a
> Paramount of the same vintage and have restored it. It's still a beautiful bike
> and rides well. Oddly enough I have shown the bike to several bike
> enthusiasts and the reaction is mixed. Like the Peugeot it has the stigma of
> not being
> a Masi or Cinelli There for not a real bike pro bike, oh well their loss not
> mine. I would like to ride the Peugeot though not just hang it on the wall.
> Bill McCune
> Parker Colorado