[CR]Re: DeRosa Anniversary with 50th on ebay - "issues"

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Subject: [CR]Re: DeRosa Anniversary with 50th on ebay - "issues"
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 14:04:59 -0500
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Bravo to you for your civilized yet pointed comments in the face of such public and arguably presumptuous critique. Actively soliciting your perspective with respect to any of these "concerns" would, indeed, have only been proper prior to public pillory.

Robert Broderick ...the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota


It seems to me that it would be decent if not a courtesy to raise "issues" with a CR list member/sponsor's (or anyone for that matter) eBay item by asking directly via the links in the item or the phone number in the isting. Doing so would be only fair wouldn't it? I have real work to do for my customers. I do not read the CR thoroughly every day and I should not have to find questions about my eBay listings here.

That being said, I'm glad to have the opportunity to clarify my listing. I agree the photos could lead to the suppositions raised. Please view updated listing for item # 7170871376. I have added closer photos that clearly show how the marks on the freewheel are only factory chain coating and dust that wiped off and that there is NO WEAR on the alloy freewheel cogs. Other photos show the toeclips which also were dirty in the earlier photos. The Super Record headset is available and will be swapped out at no cost if requested.

We make no representation about the bike being original factory spec. The bike was put together by original owner Don Mitchell, who had a several Anniversary bikes in his collection. He thought it would be nice to combine the 1988 DeRosa and 1984 Campagnolo Anniversaries and he, like most of us, was not a fan of Campagnolo's 1988 offerings. Personally, I find it a rather nice pairing.

I have numerous customers who have seen the bike in person, who insist they would buy it at it's present price if it were their size. I don't agree that because it's not to catalog specs, the bike is worth less than the going rate for the group alone. NOS means new, old stock or unused old parts.

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