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Apparently the Microtel is sold out. After way too much digging I found this down the street a bit. As Dale warned long ago, there are other events in town and rooms, especially on Sunday night, are very tight. Also it can be hard to get non-smoking. This place has some interesting two room suite options also for a few people sharing. My room was $65 a night. Given the room options they seem to have plenty available.

I bookes through

Extended Stayamerica Wendover Avenue 4317 Big Tree Way Greensboro, NC 27409 (336) 299-0200

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2006 7:34 pm
Subject: [CR]2006 CIRQUE du CYCLISME details published.....

> Ladees and gentulmen!


\r?\n> The 9th annual Cirque du Cyclisme is only one month away!


\r?\n> More details of the upcoming Cirque 3 days (3 ring Circus!) have

\r?\n> been

\r?\n> put up on the web site.


\r?\n> Key features, in case you miss them:


\r?\n> - The Friday night Charity Auction has morphed into quite an event!

\r?\n> In

\r?\n> addition to the exciting and sometimes raucous auction itself

\r?\n> (benifiting Operation Smaile this year) In addition to a buffet

\r?\n> dinner,

\r?\n> there will be the Premier of the full length feature film The Jazz

\r?\n> Sport, Jeff Groman's labor of love tribute to the 6 Day Racinf era.


\r?\n> - Saturdays Seminars will feature very intriguing speakers and topics:


\r?\n> 1 Charles Andrews & Matt Gorski, California. "Considerations in

\r?\n> restoring and renovating fine vintage bicycles."


\r?\n> 2 Dave Moulton, South Carolina. Former master frame builder and

\r?\n> designer, now a writer, songwriter, and published author.


\r?\n> 3 John Barron, Minnesota. "Understanding and collecting classic

\r?\n> bicycle components, illustrated by my collection."


\r?\n> 4 Peter Weigle, Connecticut. "Design considerations and approaches

\r?\n> to

\r?\n> fine bicycle construction."


\r?\n> And finally, our annual Banquet & awards ceremony is lucky have a

\r?\n> wonderful fellow as speaker, Ted Ernst, who has seen much of the

\r?\n> cycling realm that we all love. From 6 day racing, to running a

\r?\n> successful "pro" bike shop, to founding the South Bay Wheelmen club

\r?\n> in

\r?\n> 1961 and the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Bike Race in 1962, Ted has

\r?\n> a

\r?\n> vast and fascinating story to tell. Aldo Rss is helping prepare his

\r?\n> first-ever power point show of pics and memories! Awesome!


\r?\n> And of course Sunday will be the feature day, big ride, bike show,

\r?\n> swap

\r?\n> meet, etc etc!


\r?\n> See the schedule here:



\r?\n> Please note some events are limited to a set number of attendees.

\r?\n> The

\r?\n> Banquet for instance, is struictly limited to 120 seats. Right now,

\r?\n> there are 89 seats booked! So get hopping if you want to be

\r?\n> included.

\r?\n> Also, the pre-registration discount goes away on entries received

\r?\n> after

\r?\n> May 30.....


\r?\n> Entry forms are here:


\r?\n> Sorry, there is no way to enter via e-mail or telephone.


\r?\n> Want to see who is coming & how many slots are left?



\r?\n> Hope to see you there!



\r?\n> Dale Brown

\r?\n> Greensboro, NC USA