Re: [CR]How to get paint to stay on shiny metal?

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Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 05:09:14 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]How to get paint to stay on shiny metal?


If you do a good enough job of imagining that the paint is there; it sho uld stick. As long as you think it's there, it's as good as actually bei ng there.

If my first suggestion won't do the trick, then we need need more inform ation regarding the circumstances involved. Why is it shiny and what is the surface metal? What kind of paint is surrounding the area (what's or iginal)? How are you applying the touch-up and what kind of surface prep are you doing? What film thickness are you applying? If the surface has been properly preped then the next most likely problem may be film thic kness. The proper primer applied paper thin with a splash of Flex agent/ tie coat added should stick to most things. Then thin layers of paint an d clear should do it. Air brush application is often the best way to acc omplish these things. Without some sort of protection from chainslap, yo u may never have luck if it's a top mounted cable stop. That's when you should start practicing imagining the paint is still there.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA If it has to do with bikes and painting; there's a pretty good chance it 's a pain in the ass.

-- "Retrofan531" wrote:

I have a NOS Reynolds 525 frame and fork that has just a small place tha t needs to be touched up on the metal split shot that is on the bottom of the right chainstay for the rear derailleur cable to go through..

I tried just painting it...paint won't stay on the shiny metal. I tried sanding the paint in the area and then touching it up...paint won't stay on the shiny metal. I have tried sanding and then priming it with a couple of layers of different primers including etching primer...neither primer no r paint will stay on the shiny metal.

Any ideas how to make the shiny metal hold this primer and paint?


Frank Phillips
McAlester, OK