[CR]re:What era is this Bianchi?

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Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 08:54:39 -0700
From: Terry Farrant <tgf1@shaw.ca>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]re:What era is this Bianchi?

john i have something similar but it is in very good condition. it is black with gold 'Bianchi' on the down tube. also on the seat tube are two decals that say 'piaggio' . this bike too has french components.
   i am pretty sure it is from 1982. actually today when i was cleaning it i noticed printing on the cable housing that stated 'dia-compe '82' as well as the front hub (maillard) with 82 on it. the rear is totally different, it has a normandy high flange, 77 stamped on it and the skewer QR is 'spidel' the freewheel is maillard, the front dr is suntour 'cyclone'. shifters suntour, seatpost laprade, saddle SELLA ITALIA CONDOR leather, front brake is dia-compe 'G', the rear is weinman 730, levers are dia-compe drilled, gum hoods that are badly deteriorated, pedals are MKS AR-1 with MILREMO clips and straps. serial number is on bottom of BB, ES21732. Also came with a nice ZEUS pump, the tires are michelin elan in very nice shape. the rims are mavic schedule '3' 27" alloy and very nice. apparently this model came out in 1983 and was sthe first clincher from mavic. in 1980 Piaggio bought out Bianchi and they were known as the Piaggio Group i believe. shortly after i think some bikes were made in Japan that were designed by the italian group. i don't know much more. maybe yours is the same thing.