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From: "Mark Ritz" <ritzmon@sbcglobal.net>
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Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 07:53:21 -0700
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John and List,

This is definitely a custom Eisentraut and not a Limited. The clues: The seat cluster is only found on customs, as is the fork crown and seatstay bridge. These head lugs are pretty rare though, now I can see where the headlugs came from for the Limited.

I sold 'Trauts when I worked for Buds Bike Shop in the late 70's and we had probably a dozen Limiteds in stock at any given time, but only a couple of customs to sell from. I owned a custom as well, with the custom bb shell with the integrated cable guides (tres chic) and the E logo cast in it. One of the cleanest (and nicest riding) bikes I have ever owned.

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***** Original Message ***** Dearest List, On offer is a very nice vintage 1970's Albert Eisentrout "Limited" touring frame. She is of impeccable workmanship from a time when American frame builders were establishing themselves as World leaders in the craft. The frame measures 52.5cm. (20 5/8 inches) center to center at the seat tube and 52.5cm. from center to center at the top tube; a "square" frame by the old school. Chainstays are 175.75 cm (18 inches) long, fork rake is 1 7/8. I received this frame as a built up bicycle five years ago from Emey's Bike shop in N.Y.C. My wife rode this Eisentraut until just this year when we replaced her daily ride with a modern titanium off topic wonder bike. However, this wonderful Eisentrout bicycle made the trip to Italy with us two years ago as an 18 speed with a full Campagnolo gruppo including a triple crankset and upright bars! The frame is constructed of unknown (Reynolds most likely, but could be Columbus or a mixture?) tubing and sports Campagnolo 1010 long dropouts with adjuster screws. She has very fine lug work and round chainstays. A Phil Wood triple bottom bracket is included and installed, BUT I insist that you send it to Bret at Phil to be rebuilt using the newer and better (malleable) steel axle. The full complement braze on package includes: front and rear dropout eyelets, on the side of seat stay pannier female threaded holes, above bottom bracket Campagnolo cable guides, down tube water bottle, down tube goody bar lever cable stops, and chain stay cable stop. The frame has been repainted (I believe) with a very high quality fine metallic maroon (imron?) at some point as the chrome on the rear stays was covered. I have recently removed the paint from this area (aprox. 8 inches up each stay) as to view the condition below. The chrome there is highly polished and is in fine condition. It is discernable that NOT all of the chrome on the frame was "polished out" as to be scene as a final finish. I believe that the majority of chrome on the main triangle was meant to be painted over as was the fork crown (which is also now without paint). This frame is decaled on the down tube "Albert Eisentrout/ Eisentrout Oakland" and has English threading throughout. No dents or dings but she does have her fair share of paint chips. I am asking a very reasonable $450.00 for the frame and fork. Actual shipping via UPS ground applies. Please view photos at:


thank you for your kind attention,

John T.Pergolizzi
Brooklyn, New York
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