[CR]FS: Nervex lugs, Stronglight chainset

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: Toni Theilmeier <toni.theilmeier@t-online.de>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 21:46:19 +0200
Subject: [CR]FS: Nervex lugs, Stronglight chainset

Nervex Professionnel lugs, NIB, US-$ 125 shipped.

Two head lugs, seat lug, b/b shell and fork crown as per page 3 of Chuck Schmidt´s catalogue reprint: Mod. 49/162 cuts, fork crown feature cut No. 5 (tangs), for frame design No. 1 (75 deg.).

Buff-coloured cardboard box, slightly dirty, stapled to flap of which is Nervex transfer. Nervex logo, "Serie pour cadre", and Francolam address printed in red.

Stronglight cottered steel chainset, NOS, US-$ 120 shipped.

Double chainwheel 50/48t, hollow axle, bearings. No idea what model no., but marked A 170 on cranks and A 130 on axle. These are lengths. Chainring marked LV.472. Three arm crank is one piece forged, looks very good quality.

Hope the prices aren´t over the top. If so, please tell me. I´ve little experience in selling things like these.

Oh, BTW., the Battaglin panto´ed chainwheel I advertised some weeks ago is still to be had because the member who asked for it didn´t get back

to me.

Regards, Toni Theilmeier, Belm, Germany.