Re: [CR] P�dales de myst�re - Solved!

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Subject: Re: [CR] P�dales de myst�re - Solved!
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 05:03:35 +0000

Once in awhile I can nail a fact - this is one instance.

I have an identical pair of these pedals new that came in a terribly tattered box. But the box did indeed say Lyotard.

Aldo was quite correct.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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From: "Aldo Ross"

> One hint is that the cages have a "P" and an "L", which might stand for

\r?\n> "Pédales Lyotard".


\r?\n> BTW - it appears I can send email, but no one can email me. (Finally,

\r?\n> one of life's biggest wishes has come true!) Hopefully this is

\r?\n> temporary.


\r?\n> Aldo Ross

\r?\n> incommunicado, Ohio

\r?\n> (near Middletown)




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\r?\n> From: bhufford3(AT)

\r?\n> Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 03:25:23 +0000

\r?\n> Subject: [CR]Mystery Bike Pedals (well, to me anyway)


\r?\n> CR-ers,


\r?\n> I picked up a mystery bike at a local swap this weekend and I'm trying

\r?\n> to

\r?\n> identify parts. (I'll try to get pics of the re-paint frame, etc.

\r?\n> tomorrow

\r?\n> with better light)


\r?\n> I've looked around the web a bit this evening, but have not been able to


\r?\n> determine what these pedals are. Does anyone recognize them? I haven't


\r?\n> removed them from the bike yet and I don't see any obvious markings

\r?\n> other that

\r?\n> what may be a logo of some sort in the cage. The are serviceable and

\r?\n> have an

\r?\n> oiler hole.






\r?\n> The bike was converted to a three-speed and had a lugged road frame with

\r?\n> semi-

\r?\n> wrap-around seat stays, moderately ornate lugs, no braze-ons except for

\r?\n> BB

\r?\n> cable guides, chainstay cable stop, and pump pegs. It was sporting a

\r?\n> 1954 S/A

\r?\n> AW three-speed hub, FB steel front hub with Reynolds alloy wingnuts,

\r?\n> narrow

\r?\n> alloy rims with a raised center section, Stronglight "Touriste" alloy

\r?\n> cranks

\r?\n> (yay! -- single chainring though), Ambrosio stem, unknown as-of-yet

\r?\n> shorty

\r?\n> upright alloy bars, BMX grips, Weinmann tourist levers, MAFAC Dural

\r?\n> Forge

\r?\n> calipers. Including a huge Messinger padded sprung saddle, a steel rear

\r?\n> rack

\r?\n> and a speedometer, the bike weighs less than the mid-70s Nishiki

\r?\n> Professional

\r?\n> (with Bullseye hubs) that I also bought. Both bikes were $30 each. :-)


\r?\n> Let me know if you know anything on the pedals!


\r?\n> Thanks,


\r?\n> Bob Hufford

\r?\n> Springfield, MO