Re: [CR]What's a Bosom Worth?

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Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 21:50:30 +1200
Subject: Re: [CR]What's a Bosom Worth?
From: Wayne Davidson <>
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Hi all, I have a Bosomworth myself, still in bits. Bought it from a local auction, was going to part it out, but when I finally got it home, I decided it was too nice to part out, instead I have kept the wheels, & have decided that when I rebuild it, it will be with Campagnolo SR instead of the NR that it came with, its just too nice a frame to put the NR back onto it. The previous owner must have had the frame built & not enough $$$$ to put some good gear on it, but the '73 NR items that he had, & when I got it rusty '73 NR items.

Going by what David B has said, mines probally a later version, also mine has the EB engraving on the fork crown & seatstay caps. But I'm still getting there with the bits for the rebuild, among them a set of decals, but It might end up with signwritten ones.

It will be one of only 2 steel bicycles in my collection, & also my only NZ made frame, but for sure one I am proud to own, who cares if a Pom made it, my girlfreind Sue was made in England as well, & thats no issue for me. I just hope that Dave can manage to get to visit my garage when he comes down my way for the track nationals next year, then he can hopefully give me some more details on my Bosomworth.

Well what a Bosom worth, well I paid NZ$400 a couple of years ago, that did include the P&P as well, I've probally managed to sell NZ$100 worth of parts from it, they were rusty, so make them hard to sell, but with the updated parts it will be worth more, but to me its not about the money, it will just be a nice steel frame that will a sunday ride every now & again, & she will look good, white with a powder blue fade, much better that the blue/brown one I saw ages ago. They do turn up every now & again, but I'm more than happy to just have the one I have........regards wayne davidson Invers NZ.......

PS, David B, I don't remember seeing one in your garage? Bob G still might have that larger TT frame.........

on 22/5/06 11:14 AM, Ben Kamenjas at wrote:
> Hi Coolio's
> Saw this Bosomworth frame offered on ebay - made in NZ !!! ???
> C'mon Kiwi brothers ... share the juice, we need to hear more about
> your bikes.
> -1980s_W0QQitemZ7243653849
> I had the pleasure of meeting the seller Peter Taylor a few weeks back
> as he held a swap on his front lawn. Lovely guy, passionate and with a
> very classy collection too. His wife make's the best toasted sandwiches
> too. I don't know how to sign off other than to say I met the seller
> and he is most definitely one of us freaks who are so post modern that
> bicycles now act as furniture, objet de arts, and interior decorating
> pieces throughout the house. It's a sickness I tell 'ya !!! ***
> ciao,
> Ben Kamenjas
> Sydney, Oz
> *** Disclaimer: If there's a cure for this I don't want it, I run from
> it
> ( the above is also a line from a truly great disco song - period
> correct too !!! )