RE: [CR]buying, selling, removals and my own WTB (ISO).

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Subject: RE: [CR]buying, selling, removals and my own WTB (ISO).
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 16:30:34 -0400
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In a small communtity like this, there generally aren't too many people screwing each other, word gets around too fast and it's self purging. I know in the Wheelmen communtity, you never really hear of that sort of stuff happening. Mike Fallon at Copake auction always says he has fewer (or none) problems with the annual bike auction than any of the others

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Personally I don't think that the problem Sergio had was with the number of adverts of items for sale or WTB lists. I wonder if Sergio perhaps got into a seller/buyer arrangement that did not work out the best for him. As Sergio alluded to this might be the result of cultural differences, in fact given the overwhelming response I've seen praising the list asnd it's membership this makes sense to me. I'm wondering if you Dale might get more information via private email to Sergio. I for one will miss his stories and anecdotes, it's also nice to get an international perspective.

now for my query/ISO/plea.

I need an english threaded nuvo or super record adjustable cup, since I've not been able to find just an adjustable cup I'm looking for a super record headset english thread, not pristine please it's for a rider and not a show bike.

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