Re: [CR]Late '70 Raleigh Sprite questions

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Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 22:49:35 -0500
To: Eugene Powell <>
From: Mark Stonich <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Late '70 Raleigh Sprite questions
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At 5/23/2006 12:45 PM -0700, Eugene Powell wrote:
>Till we recover the Kish (the stolen bike of the previous message),
>Nikki wants to ride her almost new-late '70's Raleigh Sprite 3-spd
>to work. However, she'd like a lower gear (or 2) so.................
>Does the Sachs 7-spd internal have a wider range, or just more gears
>than the Sturmey AW? What about the other 7-spd internals?

Wider range, 303%

But two cable Sturmey 5 speeds are way cooler. And the 225% range is plenty for most riding if you put on a large rear cog.
>Were there chainring options available for the Raleigh Heron cottered cranks?

Most came with 6-1/2" arms and 46t but I've seen a few with 44t. IIRC Earler, longer arms had 48s. I've a set with 40t but 5-1/2" arms. Sounds like they were thinking "Gain ratio" way back then.
>I know I'd have to change out the whole arm, but did they make
>different ring sizes?
>Any other thoughts?

Harris Cyclery carries 24t SRAM rear cogs, and Shimano makes a much cheaper 22t.

On Sunday, after the finish of this years I sold 7 of the Shimano 22s to people who wished they'd had them for the Bay City and Maiden Rock hills. (Also sold 3 cotter pin presses to people who wished they'd had them to firmly seat their cotters before the hills.)

Mark Stonich;
    Minneapolis Minnesota