[CR]Now: Bar position Was: Pic of the Day - Ottavio Bottecchia

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Subject: [CR]Now: Bar position Was: Pic of the Day - Ottavio Bottecchia

John Thompson wrote:
> Don Wilson wrote:
>> I notice that Bottecchia likes to adjust his drops so
>> that the bar ends point down quite abit. Is this a bar
>> position that has come and gone? Or do some of the
>> list members still like this bar position? I don't see
>> anyone in the Tour de France these days tilting their
>> bar ends down so much.
> I tilt mine down as well, albeit not quite to the same degree as
> Bottechia's. I find that setting up the drops so they are horizontal
> makes my wrists bend at an awkward angle when riding on the drops;
> tilting the bars down a little allows them to be straighter, and
> for me
> at least, more comfortable.

Back in the day the cycling manuals would show a side view of a bike with the lower part of the bars pointed down and aimed at the rear axle. That was the position recommended as a starting point.

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