Re: [CR]Campagnolo NR chainring info required

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Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 10:29:00 +1200
Subject: Re: [CR]Campagnolo NR chainring info required
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Hi all & Robert, yes I got the pix & have replied.

Re the CR, I've never ever seen this type of corrosion before lift annodising, never heard of it either. It does look quite factory, came with a bicycle I bought whoms NR set was 1973, so date wise looks fine, but sure is crazy seeing annodising lift like this, will have to see if I can scan somehow, don't think my camera would be up to the task. Its not clear coating either, has a real silver finish to it.....regards wayne davidson Invers NZ........

on 27/5/06 10:12 AM, R.S. Broderick at wrote:
> Wayne,
> Hopefully you received my pictures from earlier this morning (...or at least
> it was early in my corner of the world).
> Regarding vintage Campy outer chain rings, they changed from 151 BCD to 144
> BCD in 1968, first introduced the chain "roll-off" pin in 1974, and went
> from being marked "PATENT CAMPAGNOLO" on the inner reinforcement ring to
> "BREV CAMPAGNOLO" on the outer portion near the teeth in 1978.
> As for the finish peeling that you mention, these rings would normally
> consist of aluminum alloy with a protective clear anodized coating - they
> are NOT chrome plated in any fashion (...yes, there are exceptions such as
> when someone intentionally removes the anodized top coat, then drills and
> re-profiles portions of the ring, and elects to simply polish it to high
> luster thereafter sans anodization - viva Mexico). Typically, these chain
> rings will not show the effects of oxidization or having the finish "lift"
> unless their anodization has been somehow compromised, such as from chafing
> against the tooth washers originally fitted on their back side at the chain
> ring bolt holes. Of course, if you drop a chain, or otherwise scar the
> inner or outer surface of the ring wherein the anodized top coat is removed
> from a portion of the surface area, you then invite the prospect of further
> damage or erosion to said finish as the result of it being unnaturally and
> unevenly exposed to the elements.
> Regards,
> Robert "...temporarily chained to a desk" Broderick
> ..the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota
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> Hi all, I have a Campagnolo NR 54T outer chainring, pat without peg, the
> chrome plating seems to be started to lift in places, or maybe saying that
> the alloy is bubbling underneath might be better. I checked the archives and
> found no talk on such matters, any clues as to age? TIA wayne davidson
> Invers NZ.........