Re: [CR]sunday's jersey shore cr bike ride one rider's report and don't forget the Tour of Somerville

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Subject: Re: [CR]sunday's jersey shore cr bike ride one rider's report and don't forget the Tour of Somerville
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 21:52:43 -0400

Special thanks to Tom Adams for the enjoyable day. Joe Bender-Z, Ray Homiski and I had fun on the Garden State Parkway trying to figure out if we should take the express or local lanes. Yesterday, we had 2 flats and a wayward chain, today the machines held together. Ray had his Weigle really sorted out for today's ride right down to the minty fresh shellac job on his handlebars. I just wanted to make sure mine was ready to go for Cirque. The last quarter mile or so, our host got a little feisty and broke into a sprint. Kinda reminded me of some of those west coast rides with Baylis, Gorski and the west coast crowd hammerin up PCH.

Finally got to meet some new CR listmembers this weekend too. Kevin Ruberg, Gabe & Rita.

Ray H and the Wheelman will be out in force at the Tour of Somerville tomorrow riding their high wheelers in pre-race festivities. Pro race goes off around 1 PM.

My cell # is 908-938-6948

Mike Schmidt
Stirling, NJ

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Subject: Re: [CR]sunday's jersey shore cr bike ride one rider's report

> wrote: beautiful weather.sunny with a pleasant crosswind. very well planned course
> rider friendly and even a little eye candy down by the atlantic.saw some nice
> bikes and met some nicer thanks again to our gracious host, tom
> adams,for planning and extending this invitation to ride,and thanks to ray
> kominski,joe bender and mike schmidt for braving the garden state pkwy south on
> a sunday afternoon to join was nice to meet you all for a very
> enjoyable ride. kevin ruberg howell n.j.
> And thanks to Kevin for joining us on a lovely Peugeot Galibier (?), one of the last of the racing lugged Peugeots, made with Columbus SLX, nice clean lugwork, built with Campy Athena and really in fine condition. Mike and Ray were on their Wiegles, and Joe rode his Sieber fixed. The Sieber is the only bike I've ever seen that used Reynolds Hi Manganese tubing, and had the pretty Schwinn "rotary phone dial" high flange hubs. (And how much longer will we be able to use that nick name before our push-button descendants will wonder what the heck we are talking about?) Another lovely day, even nicer than before, although the beach traffic delayed the ride start about 45 minutes. Putting my cell phone on the ride announcements proved to be a canny step (suggested by Steve Maasland), and I recommend it to all future ride leaders. Sorry more couldn't make it, you missed some nice riding. No mechanicals today, just good times although Joe did complain though about the
> gradient of Monmouth County highway overpasses. Hope to see you all again soon.
> Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ
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