Re: [CR] Danger! Danger! Mafac Brakes #%&$#^!!!!

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Subject: Re: [CR] Danger! Danger! Mafac Brakes #%&$#^!!!!
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 17:02:47 +0000

There are black pads that look nearly identical to Mafac's out there that I've found to melt down under hard braking - literally - more than half the pad would melt away on one mother downhill! So be sure that your look-a-like pads don't do this!

That said, well set up MAFAC brakes, with non-melty-pads, can make Campy brakes look like useless junk by comparison. Remember - out here in Colorado we sometimes do steep downhills on dirt roads and the Mafacs can have tremendous stopping power. The campy brakes you just squeeze and pray.

But Campy sidepulls are easy to set up, and if you ride and brake as is sensible, they are OK.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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> Steve;


\r?\n> If I am understanding your description of the problem correctly, this may

\r?\n> help (it did with my Mafac Racers). The brake shoe holder post goes th

\r?\n> ru a hole

\r?\n> in the retaining bolt at the end of the brake arm. When the nut is

\r?\n> tightened, the post comes to rest on a thick alloy washer which in turn rest

\r?\n> s on the

\r?\n> brake arm. Since the post is round and the washer flat, you have only two

\r?\n> tiny

\r?\n> points of contact there which, in my experience, can sometimes allow for bot

\r?\n> h

\r?\n> slippage and excess vibration (which may be a source of squealing).


\r?\n> Get a round file that is the same diameter at the brake shoe holder post (I

\r?\n> believe a chainsaw sharpening file may work) and file a groove across the fa

\r?\n> ce

\r?\n> of the washer to accomodate the post's curved contour and provide much great

\r?\n> er

\r?\n> contact area. That should solve your problem. If you like, you can als

\r?\n> o

\r?\n> file this groove at a slight angle (a bit deeper on one side) to apply a lit

\r?\n> tle

\r?\n> toe-in to your pads.


\r?\n> Bob Hovey

\r?\n> Columbus, GA







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\r?\n> > Mafac brakes! Were they a mistake or did they do it to us on purpose!!!!

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\r?\n> > I'm having problems keeping the post on my Mafac (comps) brake pads

\r?\n> > from slipping when braking. One hard brake too many and they compress

\r?\n> > giving less than optional braking. (Imagine squeeling like a little

\r?\n> > girl and going to the Flintstone's) Yes, I tightened the bolts.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Any helpful hints out there in CR land?

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Steve Leitgen

\r?\n> > La Crosse, WI