[CR]Was: DeRosa for sale... Now: sappy superlatives bring out brouhaha.

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Gentlemen (and I used that term loosely, ha ha)

I think there are two components to this issue:

1. Gita Sporting Goods was the importer of the DeRosa frames to the USA at the time that this frame would have been made...and for whatever reason, they did not eagerly promote any oaint or palting variation in the frames they brought into the States. Steven apparently saw a different situation in Europe. So this frame may have be a bit unusual for the market here, while bog boring in Europe.

2. Frank does distinctly engage in hyperbole in his For Sale notice, the forced superlatives of which which might be appropriate for the less sophisticated Ebay customer, but are a bit hard to take here on the CR-list. Maybe a bit less hype would encourage fewer retorts? :)

Dale Brown Greensboro, NC USA http://www.classicrendezvous.com

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(http://ebay.com/<blah> _W0QQ

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Frank's response to Steven Maasland is below. Frank is asking $525 for the bike. So, if you want to see what the colors are that are making all the fuss, see the auction link above where Frank bought it. Frank was the winner of the auction. I've never seen one like this either, but I defer to Steven's knowledge of the European market. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

I have never seen a DeRosa Super Prestige with this paint scheme in the many years I have been buying, selling, and admiring bikes. Therefore, it appeared to me to be a truly unique DeRosa frameset based on having never seen the same paint scheme on one of his framesets.

Perhaps, since you inferred in your seemingly condescending remark that this was not a unique frameset, you could direct me to several (or at least one) picture(s) of this very same paint scheme on a DeRosa Super Prestige so that I can be enlightened as to the non-uniqueness of this item.

Frank Phillips McAlester, Ok

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