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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 15:19:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: RE: [CR]ASC Sturmey Hubs
To: David Ross <>,
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Yeah, I think eBay, aside from the occasional shill bidding and scams, is just about the purest example of capitalism in action. Come to think of it, maybe the shills and scams should be included, as eBay seems to exemplify all the qualities of capitalism, good and bad. eBay clearly demonstrates the point that something is "worth" exactly what someone will pay fot it, even though that may change from one day to the next.

Not that I think everything in life should go to the highest bidder, any more than I think the J.P. Morgan/ John D. Rockefeller vision of capitalism should be the unchallenged basis for running a society. But I think eBay has, on balance, improved the buying and selling of classic bikes as well as a lot of other things. And I think the point about eBay reducing as well as increasing prices is a good one. I can think of several instances where I paid what now seems an excessive price for a classic bike part before the advent of eBay simply because I knew of only one source and figured if I refused to pay the asking price I might never find the part for sale anywhere else. Now, with millions of buyers and sellers all over the planet, many items which previously seemed unfindable have become almost commonplace.

I've even overcome my initial discomfort at Japanese collectors paying much more than an item is "worth" and accept that it was worth exactly what was paid for it, even if it wasn't worth half that much to me.

That said, I think there is still a place for "friendly" prices among CR members. I've sold things to CR members at less than I could have gotten on eBay or even given things for free, and I've similarly benefitting in receiving things cheap or free from others on the list. I hope that never changes.


Jerry Moos Big spring, TX

David Ross <> wrote: I have to confess to "situational ethics" on this question. I have often helped a naive seller establish a fair price for an item in a private transaction, and not minded missing out on a windfall opportunity. On the other hand, I have never offered to pay more than my winning bid on eBay, figuring that a million or so viewers are smarter than I am about what's "fair" in the marketplace. I might feel differently about this if I were trying to make a living (or even real money) buying and selling.

I've also seen a few items I own and cherish drop precipitously in value in the last ten years as eBay has made them (seemingly) less scarce. It is the great leveler, where few real bargains or windfalls exist.

Dave Ross Portola Valley, CA USA

Nigel Land wrote:

Hey North America, what is happening? $456 for a Sturmey ASC? What's going on? Investment bank bonus declarations or a subtle finger to UK buyers given the proximity of Independence Day? I just don't get it. Mind you, I did hear of a pair of Shelwin hubs being bought at York Rally Saddle Bag Sale a couple of weeks ago for £10 and sold on eBay by a 'renowned' CR member after a quick polish for in excess of £200. So there you go. York Rally is verymuch a riders' event, but the businessmen are always around, looking for a quick buck. Is that a problem? Personally I don't think much of it, given that the seller was probably an old guy with no idea of the value of what he had. So, what are the feelings of this august group on prices and making big bucks from fellow cyclists?