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> From: "Michael Schmid" <>
> 3. Raleigh Bike
> I also have a Raleigh bike which was made, according to the frame
> number, in 1975. It has Raleigh 20-30 tubing but no model-Sticker on the
> top-tube. I suspect ist a record or lower. It came with simplex gruppo,
> weinmann-brakes, Carlton hoods, GB-Stem and bars, non marked three piece
> alloy hubs featuring Gnutti skewers and Nisi-Toro-tubular-rims,
> 36-4-spoke. It has Stronglight cotterless cranks. I suspect that the
> wheels and the cranks were "upgraded". The colour is light blue and
> white (steerer tube and down tube sections)
> Can anybody verify the model and ist original setup?. I did not find a
> catalog on the net featuring this specific bike. I will leave the bike
> mostly as it is because it is just fun to ride, but would like to know
> the correct version.

hi Michael,

The paint job says "Gran Sport", as does the Stronglight crank. The Weinmann brakes and GB bars & stem were common on quite a few of the Carlton Raleighs.

The 20-30 tubing is a surprise, though, as the Gran Sport usually had Reynolds 531. 20-30 is a high carbon steel, instead of a good chrome-moly or manganese-moly, and is usually heavier. If you can tap the top tube and get a good ringing sound instead of a dull thump, then it's a better tubing (this assumes that brake cables aren't clamped to the tube).

I think Sheldon is still hosting the Retro Raleigh site, which has catalogs that you can peruse. The catalogue will tell you what the original components were.

My first good bike was a '74 Gran Sport, which I rode happily for 14 years. Lots of good memories with that bike!
> How good are the Nisi-Toro rims considered? I see them around old bikes
> here occasionally and they seem to be light but nobody could tell me
> what reputation they have.

I don't recall these, and suspect that they weren't original. Don't know anything about them. Sorry.

Steve Kurt
Peoria, IL